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Go from art to mint in a few steps with Neefter Launchpad, our end-to-end solution to launch your NFT project.

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NFT Collection

generative art with traits

Preview your NFTs for free until you’re happy with them
Use our easy to use platform to visualize traits, define rarity and fine-tune your collection.

Define legendary NFTs manually
Take your legendary NFTs to the next level by adding rare traits individually, without using the algorithm.

One of a kind NFTs

non-generative art

Launch your NFT collection with just a few clicks
Publishing and selling your artwork has never been easier or faster!

Drag and drop, and you’re done
Setting up your NFTs is as easy as uploading an image to our platform.

Power Features

Ratz N00b
No-code smart contracts
Use now, pay later
100% decentralized
Minting site
Share revenue
Tutorials for a successful launch
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Get free access to the Neefter Launchpad

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Upload and finetune your artwork

Preview your collection and make adjustments until it’s ready, we’re built for both generative and unique NFTs.


Generate your smart contract

Choose to launch with Solana, Ethereum or other blockchains. Receive your smart contract and minting website.


Time to take your project to the moon!

Your NFT collection is ready, consult with our team of web3 growth experts to get the latest insight to launch a successful project and community.

Neefter stories

Launching our NFT collection was a breeze with Neefter, they took care of everything while we focused on the creation of the art.

All City Sharks

‘Thanks to Neefter we became one of the biggest collections in Latin America. The process was simple and secure and the platform saved us a lot of time.’

Crypto Lucha Club